game for

by Level Plus Game Studio S.A.S

get high scores, destroy the enemy boss, unlocks new achievments and new sets for player customization.


Use the login option with to play or the guest option.

we used clay io for achievments, and leader board options of the game.

Last update:

  • better tutorial
  • better UI
  • shot animations.
  • lasers count display corrected.
  • customization bug corrected
  • bg sounds and sounds fx bug corrected
  • boss battle improved

  Bug patch:

  • the game stuck in the same speed and same distance after the second boss battle.(corrected)
  • loading text show the percent x2 (corrected)

 patch  2:

  • loading layout
  • more interface update.

new patch:

  • new boss
  • more buildings.
  • rain effect
  • better interface by Mario Andres Bravo.


  • cyber punk style
  • endless runner
  • boss battle with 3 difficults.
  • score board
  • achievments.
  • player customization.


"A" to chage the shield color

space bar to next dialoge and shoot againts the ship, ingame mode.

left click tu jump

on midle of air left click tu double jump

"S" to slide and evade obstacles



music by

desing by Carlo Andrei Mercado.

interface by Mario Andres Bravo